Magnum PI Strains

Top 10 Marijuana Dispensary in Ashburn.

S no. Title Rating
1 Madras Resource Center - M.R.C. 4.32
2 Herbal Pain Relief Center 4.97
3 Twenty After Four Wellness 4.57
4 Swell Farmacy - Camelback Rd. 4.76
5 Spokane Green Leaf 4.71
6 Cave Creek Cannabis 4.42
7 OG Collective - Monmouth 4.88
8 Bhang, Asoc de Usuarios de Cannabis 0.00
9 Terrapin Care Station - E. Mississippi - Aurora 4.38
10 Mt Hood Cannabis Co. 4.60

Magnum PI is a sativa-dominant strain with its genetic origins cloaked in a Hawaiian shirt of pure mystery. This stimulating cross, supposedly created by Seahorse Gardens near the Puget Sound, exhibits hints of citrus and sweet earth on the nose. The effects have been described as clear-headed and stimulating, which makes this strain a perfect accompaniment for outdoor activities.


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Days To Flower : 0
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